Allotment Monitoring Reports

When Project staff go into the field to monitor public land grazing, we take notes on observations and photographs to document the impacts of grazing and indicators of grazing management. We note positive management indicators as well as negative indicators. When we get back to the office, we use field notes, observations and photographs to produce illustrated reports presenting what we found. Each Allotment Monitoring Report also includes recommendations to those responsible for assuring that public land grazing is conducted in accordance with applicable plans, laws and regulations. Management recommendations are directed to those responsible for on-the-ground grazing management (Forest Service district rangers and BLM area managers) as well as Regional Water Board officials responsible for assuring compliance with the Clean Water Act on public land. Browse or read the Project's Allotment Monitoring Reports at this link.


Other Reports and Presentations

Here you will find Annual Reports summarizing our work during particular years as well as special reports like those analyzing the implementation and effectiveness of grazing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on national forests as compared to the implementation and effectiveness of BMPs for things like road construction, road maintenance and logging. You will also find PowerPoint slide shows which Project staff created for presentation to a variety of groups in a variety of venues.



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